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Custom built templates and modules for the Hubspot platform.

I have been retained by Plentific since 2019, providing build services for numerous marketing campaigns and supporting a complete overhaul of their public facing site. Whilst normally I tend to design what I build, in the case of Plentific, I work with their UI/UX designers translating visual briefs from prototyping apps such as InVision and Adobe XD into the Hubspot framework. Using a custom 'boilerplate' system I've enabled Plentific marketeers to create their landing pages by simply dragging and stacking page elements from a cache of 60 different custom modules.

More recently we deployed a similar boilerplate system to the main site with over 100 custom built modules and multiple bespoke blog templates. This was a collaborative project working closely with the Plentific software development team using sass based css preprocessing via Github repository

This Hubspot site is heavily customised with all modules coded from scratch using the Hubspot CMS grid as a container. For more information on custom Hubspot development please take a look here.


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